Winter Meals Program: Selected Restaurants

Congratulations to the restaurants listed below! They were selected by lottery drawing today, at 11am AK Time, to be part of the Winter Meals Program. This round of the program will start on Monday, October 11, 2021 and run through Sunday, January 2, 2022. We’ll be in touch with everyone directly. Thank you for all of the submissions!

  1. Acai AK
  2. AK Alchemist
  3. Bridge Seafood
  4. Cassies Place
  5. Crush Bistro
  6. Eagle River Alehouse
  7. Gumbo House
  8. Hong Kong Restaurant
  9. Roscoes Soulfood
  10. Sal’s NY Grill
  11. South Restaurant
  12. Spenard Roadhouse
  13. Subway of Gridwood
  14. Little Miss Café
  15. Waffles and What Not
  16. Writer’s Block