The housing shortage is an everyone problem




The housing shortage is an everyone problem. Local businesses, like Writer’s Block, are impacted when employees can’t find housing nearby. Real data from real people and real rental prices tells the story.

The reality is that a person making minimum wage, or $10.85 per hour, would have to work 74 hours per week to afford a 1 bedroom apartment in Anchorage.

Thanks to private/public partnerships, recent hotel conversions have quickly added hundreds of units to supplement Anchorage’s affordable housing stock. Last week, the former Golden Lion opened as low-income housing. This month, the former Barratt Inn will open to extremely-low income tenants for only $800 per month with no credit check and no money down.

Our city needs more housing, especially housing that is affordable to community members across all economic backgrounds, and the Assembly is at work alongside housing experts, developers an​d the residents of Anchorage to act today for better housing tomorrow.